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SDGE Job – Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer

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Engineer Rotational – Program Overview

The Engineer Rotational program is an 18 month program, in which participants are recruited from various colleges, and are hired as Associate Engineers.

As an associate engineer, they are required to complete three 6-month rotations in three different areas of the company. This allows the participants to decide the exact path they are interested in by providing them experience in several different departments.

Associate Engineer – Job Description

An entry level engineer position which provides the inexperienced engineer an opportunity to acquire experience and proficiency in performing fundamental engineering work. In this capacity, the incumbent shall perform the more routine and basic duties and will be afforded the opportunity to acquire experience and be productive through varied assignments normally accomplished through intra- company assignments. Perform a variety of engineering assignments, involving electrical, mechanical, civil or other engineering principles, such as:

1. Prepare engineering computations required in carrying out assigned duties.
2. Investigate and analyze problems, and develop appropriate solutions.
3. Conduct tests of instruments, materials, equipment and controls to determine operating characteristics. 4. Prepare reports and write instructions and/or procedural outlines in connection with assignments.

Career Progression

Career progression for participants in the Engineer Rotational Program is based both on various on-the-job time requirements and the achievement of certain professional certifications. The two certifications which must be obtained in order to progress include the Engineer-In-Training certification (EIT) and the Professional Engineer Certification (PE). Moves to a non-engineering role would not require either of these.

Associate Engineer to Engineer II

The first progression is made from the Associate Engineer position, to the Engineer II position. In order to make this move, the following requirement must be met:

Completion of 18 months in the Rotational Program Successful completion of the EIT Certification exam

Engineer II to Engineer I

The second progression is made form the Engineer II position, to an Engineer I position. In order to make this move, the following requirements must be met:

The Engineer II requirements must first be met (completion of 18 months & pass EIT exam)

Completion of 2 years of increasingly more challenging work in the engineering field (total time in engineering field, including the Associate Engineer position, should equal 3 1⁄2 years).

Engineer I to Senior Level / Team Lead

The final progression is from the Engineer I position, to a Senior Level or Team Lead position. Once an Engineer reaches a Lead Position, no further certifications are required to advance further. In order to progress to either of these positions, the following requirements must be bet:

Successful completion of the PE Certification Exam

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