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4305 University Ave Ste 360
San Diego, CA  92105

+1 (619) 266-6237

Al Abdallah

President & CEO

Kea Hagan

Chief Marketing and Community Impact Officer

Brittni Bingham

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO & Education and Youth Development Manager

Jacklyn Laquindanum

Housing/Financial Counselor & Instructor

Cruz Peinado

Director of Housing & Financial Capabilities

Jackie Reed

Director of Women's Re-entry

Fred Moore

Motivational Case Management Specialist & Program Speaker

Herman Collins

Urban League Today Host & Public Relations Consultant

Stephanie Wilson

Community Health Worker

Qwatela Gearing

Front Office Associate and Universal Intake Specialist

Daniel Horton

Small Business Coach

Roosevelt Williams III

Small Business Coach

Hector Castillo

Home Programs Manager

Ray King

President Emeritus