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Urban League of San Diego County

The Urban League of San Diego County (ULSDC), historically, is a civil rights and direct service 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, founded in 1953, and whose mission is to assist African Americans and other underserved people in San Diego County to achieve social and economic equality through advocacy, bridge building, program services, and research. 

Our vision is to be a catalyst for change in San Diego County and become one of the best human service organizations in the State of California. We seek to be the provider of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our co-workers, the investment of choice for our corporate, government, and philanthropic partners, and a model of integrity and excellence for a community-based organization. We value integrity, innovation, impact, passion, commitment to excellence, and empowerment.

The Urban League of San Diego County has a long history of working with schools, families, and communities to create effective family-centered programs.  The Urban League of San Diego County is one of more than 80 affiliates of the National Urban League, nation-wide. The Urban League has helped more than 4,000 San Diego residents, each year, to reach towards socio-economic and educational equality and sustainability.  The Urban League has a strong record of accomplishment in assisting under-represented and disadvantaged populations through its core programmatic areas of education & youth development, health and wellness, workforce development, and housing & economic development.  Over the years, the Urban League has developed many partnerships with several organizations that benefit youth, families and community revitalization such as Catholic Charities, UPAC, Mental Health of America, San Diego, and especially serving as a member of LiveWell San Diego Partner, and Promise Zone San Diego Partners. 

As an Offeror, we are interested in providing the services being proposed because of our background in housing and financial capabilities. Assisting individuals with job placement is critical to the well-being of their families. We are committed to strengthening the family unit by promoting economic self-sufficiency. Through training, career-building and job placement services, we help to equip individuals with the tools needed to enter or re-enter the workforce. We offer a full range of essential economic resources for low-to-moderate income individuals to help them succeed in the workforce, stabilize their finances and build assets. 

Mission: Our Mission is to assist African Americans and other underserved people in San Diego County to achieve social and economic equality through advocacy, bridge building, and program services.  This is accomplished by helping families transition out of poverty through a continuum of program enriched services that support education, college prep for youth, social-family-employment counseling, recovery, housing homeownership, and neighborhood preservation and advocacy.  

Overview: The Urban League of San Diego County is one of three National Urban League affiliates located in California. There are approximately 90+ affiliates nationally fulfilling the goal of empowering communities and changing lives. Organized in 1953 under the leadership of Percy H. Steel with employment and on-the-job training as its primary focus, the Urban League of San Diego County (ULSDC) continues its tradition of employment services. Additionally, it also has a strong focus on youth education and related family support services such as housing counseling, elderly health outreach, and women’s re-entry.

Partners: In addition to programs offered in conjunction with The National Urban League and other California affiliates, the  ULSDC has an extensive network of partners from the faith-based community, other community-based organizations, public and private entities with whom it collaborates, including:


The ULSDC has a legacy of distinguished leadership, including Percy Steel, Cecil Steppe, John W. Johnson, Leon Williams, Ambrose Brodus, John E. Jacob, Rudolph Johnson, Jr., and Herb Cawthorne. Today, Al Abdallah is the Board Chair. Click on the videos below to view interviews with past CEO and instrumental community leaders

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