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Urban of San Diego County Programs and Partnerships:

EMASS (Elder Multicultural Access And Supportive Services Senior) – HEALTH PROGRAM

Provide healthcare awareness information for seniors in target areas of San Diego County in partnership with UPAC.

Bridges to Wellness Program – UPAC San Diego Opioid Prevention Program

We are a subcontractor under UPAC for the Bridges to Wellness Program focuses on reducing trauma and increasing resilience among San Diego’s API and East African immigrant and refugee communities through promoting culturally acceptable help seeking behaviors for mental health, substance abuse, and victimization.  

Health & Wellness Coalition Advisory Board

The group’s purpose is to create opportunities for community-based organizations to collaborate in unity versus separate silos on selected high-impact health and wellness issues affecting the African American community.

In the U.S., people of color, and low-income Americans, are more likely than their white and affluent counterparts to be uninsured and face barriers to care. They are also less likely to have a primary care provider and have higher chronic conditions (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and HIV). Over time, we hope to be instrumental in preventing illnesses and improving the quality of life of our clients and have helped many to cope with chronic diseases. As a collective, we hope to bring greater diversity to the health industry, and we work to reduce the number of uninsured Americans and address health disparities.  

If you are in medical, public health, nutrition, or behavioral health and are passionate about helping our community by serving on this advisory board, please send an email to


COVID-19 Vaccines and The Black Community

The Community Health Worker Vaccination Assistance, Communication, and Outreach Services (“Project”) has established a relationship with the County of San Diego as a contractor for the Project.  Using a promotoras model, community health workers, considered trusted messengers, provided wellness check-ins with community members to educate them about COVID and encourage vaccinations and testing.  The Urban League of San Diego County serves as a sub-contractor under Mid-City CAN execute the services.  The County of San Diego has awarded Mid-City CAN Contract 564614 Community Health Worker Vaccination Assistance, Communication, and Outreach Services because of its expertise in community-based communication and outreach by utilizing the Community Health Worker (CHW) Promotores model. In partnership with ULSDC and 5 other organizations, Mid-City CAN will provide COVID-19 vaccination assistance, communication, outreach, and resource navigation services to the community in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner to reach the diverse population of the Central Region and reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease and death.

The Urban League of San Diego County is a trusted messenger in the African American community and has a strong record of inclusive assistance to under-represented and disadvantaged populations in Central San Diego, including African Americans, Latino, and AAPI. ULSDC’s partners include the African American Association of Educators (AAE); Mental Health of America, San Diego; the NAACP San Diego Branch, and many others. Health and wellness outreach efforts are among ULSDC’s core work. ULSDC services 54,000 San Diegans each year and currently uses the CHW/Promotores model for the Elder Multi-Cultural Access and Support Health Services program that serves 125 clients per year. 


For this project, ULSDC will spread the word via CHWs, help with resource navigation, set vaccine appointments, and accompany individuals to their appointments

ULSDC intends to serve the focus populations: African Americans and other API and Latinx underserved in Central area, especially Southeast San Diego, within the County of San Diego Central Service Region.  The Contractor will perform the role of Subcontractor for the Project. Additionally, the Contractor will perform services per the scope described below.