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Services During COVID-19

The Urban League has been there to serve when our community is at its lowest! It has never mattered what the crisis was, the systematic oppression remains constant for those most vulnerable. Today, in the midst of this uncertainty will be no different.  

Contacting Us: We will be available by phone and email throughout this period to answer any questions and to facilitate a smooth transition to this virtual protocol that safely allows staff and clients to use technological platforms to engage remotely. Call 619.266.6237 to leave a message and for help. You may also connect directly to our Team members by accessing our Staff Directory.

Jobs, Housing & Financial Services

  • Operate & Partner with affordable housing properties for low-income individuals, families and seniors. Our affordable housing properties are home to some of the most vulnerable populations in San Diego some of whom have been severely economically impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  We provide wrap-a-round integrative services for these families on site and virtually.
  • Rental assistance counseling and help completing government forms for aide for individuals and families experiencing hardship because of COVID-19.
  • Job placement, resume development, virtual interview skills
  • One-Stop Re-entry Services
  • Financial counseling on procedures navigating utility bills reduction or postponement.
  • Foreclosure prevention and intervention counseling that includes direct communication with financial institutions via virtual methods such as telephone, emails, and video conferencing
  • Contact: Francisco Gonzalez, HUD Certified Counselor, (ID#:CHBAFD) (619.266.6256 and
  • Contact: Jackie Reed, Job Developer and Re-entry Specialist (619.266.6263 and

Health & Wellness Services

  • Wellness checks on seniors via telephone, video conferences, emails, and visits if necessary 
  • Integrative Wrap-a-around Case management Services
  • Provides mask, hand sanitizers, 
  •  Assist with food security resources
  • Emergency Assistance Counseling for Low Income Families
  • Senior Advocacy
  • Social Security/SSI Information, Health Care, and Assistance with Application Forms
  • Child welfare and family wellness checks via telephone, video conferences, emails, and visits if necessary. (This includes food security, child abuse, and domestic violence) 
  • Contact: Stephanie Wilson, Senior Health Care Specialist (619.368.9466 and  
  • Contact: Al Abdallah, COO (619.266.6244 and

Education, Youth & Family Services

  • Continue providing Project Ready a college readiness services for high school students vitually via Zoom.
  • Provide emotional learning and career networking wokshops virtually bi-weekly on Thursdays in partnership with educational experts, corporate partners and community leaders.
  • Promote educational and political awareness about voting rights and Census completion for 2020.
  • Virtual webinars for education, youth development, and college readiness
  • Virtual webinars for parenting during a time of COVID-19
  • Virtual & Telephone consultations for educational resources, educational rights, advocacy, and mediation
  • Advocacy regarding the digital divide as it relates to distance learning
  • Computer lab (by appointment only)
  • Contact: Kea Hagan (619.266.6265 and

Civic Engagement COVID-19 & Civil Unrest Response Program

  • Conduct townhall meetings or webinars
  • Conduct Press Conferences and Media Releases
  • Conduct Community Surveys/Questionnaires About Diversity, Inclusion, Disparities, and Share the Data
  • Peaceful Protest Campaigns
  • Economic Actions verses Just Asking for Change
  • Demand for Justice Reforms
  • Promote educational and political awareness about voting rights and Census completion for 2020.
  • Registration and Voting Campaigns 
  • Supporting and Strengthening Black Wealth Building Campaigns
  • Creation of Minority Business Directories via Urban League Website and App


*** These do not represent ALL of the resources available to the San Diego County and may change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no order to the list.  We DO NOT attest to the accuracy of the resources provided.  We are attempting to inform from viable sources.