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Urban League of San Diego County




We Exist to assist African Americans and other underserved people in San Diego County.

Assisting African Americans and other underserved people in San Diego County to achieve social and economic equality through advocacy, bridge building, program services and research.

The Urban League of San Diego County is...

one of three National Urban League affiliates located in California. There are approximately 90+ affiliates nationally fulfilling the goal of  empowering communities and changing lives. Organized in 1953 under the leadership of Percy H. Steel with employment and on-the-job training as its primary focus, the Urban League of San Diego County (ULSDC) continues its tradition of employment services. Additionaly, it also has a strong focus on youth education and related family support services such as housing counseling, elderly health outreach and women’s re-entry.

In addition to programs offered in conjunction with The National Urban League and other California affiliates

...the  ULSDC has an extensive network of partners from the faith-based community, other community-based organizations, public and private entities with whom it collaborates, including Pastors on Point and United African American MinisterialAction Council; Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Save OurChildren, National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS), Youth Action Board, and the ULSDC Young Professionals; San Diego Unified School District, Housing Collaborative and the Community CollegeDistrict; and, the Pacific Institute and Heartland.

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